IslaVerde Tropical Friendly Resort
at Verde Island - Batangas Philippines

Welcome to Isla Verde

About Our Tropical Island Resort

Isla Verde is a small island in the Philippines located in the Verde Island Passage between Batangas on Luzon and Puerto Galera on Mindoro. It is only about an hour and a half by coach from Manila to Batangas. From there a short ride to Tabangao to take a banca (a large outrigger ferry) across the strait.

The island is famous for the diversity of its marine life and people come from around the world to dive the surrounding reefs. The Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort is right at the boundary of the declared Marine Park, providing easy snorkelling access to the shallower corals and fish.

Our local people are mostly farmers and fishermen and there are interesting places to see and things to do. Mahabang Buhangin, a pleasant walk across from the resort, is a stretch of white sand beach about a kilometre long which is popular for swimming and snorkelling. At Cueva Sitio there is an interesting cave in the rocks, and there are great views from the lighthouse.

Mt Liponpon and Mt Dagit Dagit are both about 360 metres high. Statistics suggest Mt Liponpon as the highest peak on the island, but local residents claim that honor goes to Mt Dagit Dagit. A walk up to the summit of either will reward the visitor with great views of the islands and across the Verde Island Passage to Luzon and Mindoro.

Because it is only a morning's travel away from Manila Isla Verde is a great place for Filipinos to get away from the busy city life for a relaxing few days or a weekend. It is also a great way for international visitors to take a break from the bright lights and noise of the normal tourist destinations to see a little of the Filipino regional lifestyle. To become acquainted with the simple lifestyle, staying in traditional native accommodation, the 'kubo'.

Being on an island, we built the accommodation with a rural theme. It is our goal to keep the resort as close to nature as possible, while offering our guests friendly service, good food and a relaxing holiday.

Guests have said that staying with us at Verde Island is more like like being part of an extended family than staying at a tourist resort.

The most popular accommodation is in our traditional Kubos, but we also offer accommodation in Studio Style Units as well as Tents for camping. With this comes a friendly, personal atmosphere that will make you feel you are at a home away from home.

A Kubo is the style of house or hut that was once common all over the Philippines. It is a simple structure with the framing made from bamboo and the walls of a woven matting. The roof is thatched with palm leaves. Palm trees and bamboo are fast growing and plentiful all over the Philippines and this style of housing is renewable and eco-friendly.

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