IslaVerde Tropical Friendly Resort
at Verde Island - Batangas Philippines

Welcome to Isla Verde

2019 January - ACCOMMODATION and RATES at Isla Verde tropical Friendly Resort

  • Kubo 1,3 and 4 - 1500 / night (4pax)
    common toilet - own bedroom and sala

  • New kubo 5 and 6 - 2000 / night (4pax)
    2 bedroom and sala with own kitchen, bathroom , dining area and bonfire area

    For Couples:

  • Lovers' hut - 1500 / night (2 pax)
    with bedroom and sala.

  • VIP room - 2000 / night (2 pax)
    with t&b

  • Group of 10 pax: 300 / head / night
    Japanese style kubo and view deck -mattresses on the floor with beddings.

    Stone units:

  • 3000 / night (4 pax)
    With solar panel, cabled tv, 2 electric fans and rest room

    Camping Area:
    (includes kitchen, bathroom and dining area)

  • Entrance - 100 / head
    Environmental fee - 30 / head

  • pitching of tent - 300 / small tent
    500 / big tent

  • Rent for tent:
    Big tent for 4 pax - 800
    With beddings. - 1000
    Small tent for 2 pax - 500
    With beddings - 700

  • Home

  • Being on a small island, the accommodation has a 'rural traditional theme'. We want to keep the resort as close to nature as possible. We also do not have 'mainland power', reliable wifi etc. due to these services not being provided to this small island.

    Staying with us at Verde Island is more like like being part of an extended family than staying at a big resort. With good food and a friendly, personal atmosphere we hope to make you feel you are at a home away from home..

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    Meals and Catering

    IslaVerde Tropical Friendly Resort is home to Tess' Cafe, Here you can relax and enjoy a meal and light refreshments. The meals served have been caled 'delicious' and 'colourful'. Everybody loves dining at Tess' cafe.

    You will find things like Relyenong Bangus (stuffed milkfish), Sinaing na Tulingan (braised fish), Salads and various other traditional Filipino dishes, along with dishes inspired by other countries.

    A cafe meal is typically a cup of rice, 2 main dishes, soup and dessert. Breakfast is bread with cold cuts, drinks (coffee, juice, milk) and fruits. Green tea is served for free with meals.

    There is no set menu as food choices depend on what can be sourced fresh here on the island and from Batangas markets.

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